Learn Some of Life’s Most Useful Secrets

The A-B-C of Truth: 35 Lessons For Beginners In New Thought Study by Brown Landone 

This audiobook by Brian Scott on Youtube quoting Brown Landone is well worth listening to (and re-listening to). There are tips for manifestation, being healthy, and expressing who you truly are. The repeat message is to radiate love. 

  • Be happy, because happiness is an emotion closely related to love. 
  • Love everything around you, things, people, everything. Caress things because you love them, such as a plant or flower as you walk by in love. 
  • Desire one thing at a time. Love that thing. Visualize that one thing. 
  • Condemnation represses you and you hurt only yourself by condemning someone or something. 
  • The important tips about health are covered @ 42-51 minutes. Love every cell of your body. 
  • Be proactive, do something, take action in living your life. 
  • Don’t suppress your joy because when you suppress yourself you lose. When you express yourself, you win. 

Next, find some points from his segment on health – note that he lived to be 98 years old! …

Love and joy in activity are probably God’s greatest healers.

– Brown Landone
  • If you are not well there is something within yourself that is not freely expressed. Often it is something you’d never think of, a form of self-sabotage wherein the cause of the illness is created by the self. 
  • Consecrate your soul to cure yourself. Use your mind and your being to express radiating God outward 24/7. 
  • Instead of worrying about your health, you want an attitude of strength and fearlessness. 
  • Ill health is due to lack of strength. Strength comes from expressing the power deep within you. All bodily strength is soul power. God’s power is mine without limit. Expressing power means you feel strong. Thinking weakness holds you back from power. Express power, feel strong. The strength you need is always within. Use it because it is all powerful. (Note: This segment on strength sounds as if it is taken straight from Star Wars Episode 9 where the heroine heals with her hands and knows the power is within her if she just believes it and uses it and is fearless.)
  • Toss fear overboard. Every time you fear you produce ill health in your body. Fear is the mistaken belief that something is more powerful than my soul-strength. 
  • Wisdom is using God’s intelligence. 
  • Love, love, love. Stopping the expression of love is probably the greatest cause of all ill health. Love and joy in activity are probably God’s greatest healers. Love yourself and your body. When you awaken each morning, look into the mirror to see yourself as a child of love shining gloriously. Greet yourself with a welcome of love. Look at your body and love it. Love all people. Condemn none. Love the ways in which your health practitioner recommends treatments that you follow and do. 

Always radiate love and express yourself in truth of who you really are. 

ABC Of Truth 35 Lessons In New Thought Brown Landone (Unabridged Audiobook):

From Spirit Wiki:

Brown Landone (1847-1945) was born in France on March 6, 1847. He first worked as a doctor.

In 1913 he taught at Oxford University in England and from 1913-1914 at the Sorbonne in Paris. He was sent to Germany to conduct an economic survey of the then German Empire, which he completed in early 1914. In a public lecture at the Sorbonne, he told the French that Germany would be at war in six months and was ridiculed. He repeated this statement in a lecture at Queen’s Hall in London in May 1914 and was hissed off.

The First World War began in July 1914. During the First World War, the French President appointed him special ambassador of France to the United States. At the same time he was also a consultant to sales directors for Ford Motor Company, US Steel and Metropolitan Life.

Dr. Landone had three sons who all died in the war. This led to his interest in promoting peace. He was instrumental in founding a European peace foundation.

Landone lectured regularly in New York City for many years. Landone’s office was headquartered in Newton, New Jersey. He later moved to Winter Park, Florida, where he had a large office staff and edited his publications from home.

Dr. Landone became a leading member of the ‘New Thought’ movement and author of over 100 books on leadership, civilization, peace, religion and esotericism, to which he found access in the last third of his life. He had, however, previously studied for the ministry at the Episcopal High Church in England and received his doctorate in divinity .

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