How to Go With the Flow

How many times have you heard the advice, “Go with the flow”? That was my new year’s resolution last year. Going with the flow is the path of nonresistance and it will change your life. Michael Singer’s NYT’s best seller, “The Untethered Soul” was all about letting go and going with the flow. Corporations are teaching their workers how to go with the flow. Self help articles are being published telling us to go with the flow. This phrase was common in the 70’s and it is still common today. It never goes out of fashion.

New Mexico waterway in the Desert

The Tao te Ching is the most translated work, after the Bible, from the 5th Century BC. We don’t know who the author was or if it had more than one author.

This ten-minute video (below) on going with the flow begins by saying that God is indescribable, that we can never grasp it, but the goal is to live in agreement with it. Think of it as an ever-changing, constantly evolving energy. By being one with the Tao, we can achieve stillness of mind, curb the senses, be humble, and cease striving.

We find ourselves in the natural flow when we are doing sports like basketball or running; or hobbies like cooking.

Forcing our lives through ambition or control gives us depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Going with the flow brings us into a state of peace and harmony with all that is.

In nature, results come naturally. Nature doesn’t need steered in a direction. The river already has a course. The wind blows in the appropriate direction. We’d be wiser not to swim against the stream, but with it, so we can harness its energy.

It is ego driven to think that we can control what is outside of ourselves. We can’t even control our body’s digestion, or falling in love, or the healing of a cut wound.

Water does God’s work but without any ambition.

Embrace the outcome.

Don’t worry about future but be immersed in the flow. Care not about the results.

Be completely in the present by letting go of the past and future. Yes, LET GO, LET GO, LET GO.

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