Flow State Advice from Laura Basha, Ph. D.

From her book, “The Inward Outlook” by Dr. Laura Basha. 

There are 3 principles: 

 1. Mind (Everything. Nothing. The formless) 

 2. Consciousness (The movement of mind) 

 3. Thought (This is the variable. For example, you can focus on peace, or, the lack of peace, if you desire to be more peaceful.) 

She says that life moves from center to outward. (like illustration above)

There is a way to connect with formless, by staying in the now, because the flow is only in the moment. 

Have nothing on your mind except what is happening in this very exact moment. 

The flow is comprised of all of these things: love, compassion, creativity, and infinite intelligence. 

The past does not exist. Feelings like stress and anger are associated with the past. Just listen. 

Qualities of peace and quiet are in the flow state. When you are out of sorts, take notice of it. Get yourself out of it. You are in past thinking when you observe and notice because in the flow state one doesn’t notice. Listen to what you don’t know – the fool knows she doesn’t know and we are the fool. 

Transformational humor enjoys fewer objections from intellect. 

In a high state, there is a light hearted attitude. This is the high quality of feeling when listening to the flow of existence. Now is eternal and is made up of love, joy, and compassion. 

Silence is the guru. All healing and transformation takes place in silence (the formless). The silence is high pitched frequency. It is before form or words. It is pusating energy. Aum. Thinking condenses it to become form. There is even a thunderous silence. Try to find it. Get into the silence when about to speak to an audience, or before beginning a treatment, or when preparing to start a piece of writing or art. 

Gentleness generates no resistance.

Her website: White Bird Rising

An Hour Interview of her here: Transformational talk radio

Her Youtube Channel

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