What is the Ra Material: Love in Each Moment

The talks in this post are given by Mike Waskosky, summarizing the channeled Ra Material, or, Law of One. 

If you appreciate minimalism and clarity of spiritual meaning and purpose, this material is superb and well worth the time it takes to listen. It puts everything I’ve learned over the years all together very nicely, very succinctly.

The most important point in the book, according to Waskosky is this:

And.. everything that exists points to oneness.

Next, part 2.

And, here is one additional talk by Waskosky on the Ra Material:

These three videos are rich. They require an open mind, but with an open mind, they will take you on a shortcut to many, many concepts. I like how “they” recognize that there is so much mystery that perhaps can never be understood.

I am inclined to agree with Waskosky’s statement “As an open minded researcher of spiritual topics, I have yet to come across a body of material as coherent, profound, and useful as the Law of One series of books.”

For more: Mike Waskosky’s youtube channel.

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