Incredible Spiritual Revival Going On

There has been a magnetic old fashioned southern “revival” going on in Asbury, Kentucky on a college campus. This appears to have been largely uncovered by main stream news but I happened to discover it on twitter. In an age of hopelessness and high suicide rates among our college age students, there appears to be a yearning inside for more to life than what tik tok is flashing out. What started here as something simple and unassuming caught momentum and has attracted people from many states in the thousands. As of now, a livestream on youtube shows it still going on more than a week later.

In doing a GOO search, this story was covered on CNN and Fox News, but few others that I could find. Is a message of hope and spirituality and positivity a message that main stream news does NOT want to spread? Because it represents LOVE, not FEAR? You decide.

Today, of course, I’m seeing tweets that say this revival is the work of the devil and other sinister accusations and attacks.

It is so frustrating that the overall news sentiment is to instill fear in everyone. Fear of you-name-it: the pandemic, climate change, or biases of many kinds. Anger and belittling is directed at this or that or him or her based upon some moral high ground spread by oversized voices which don’t reflect the values of the majority of people. The Course in Miracles tells us that the fear is the opposite of love. Asbury, whatever is going on there, and however one embraces it or judges it, represents unity, high energy, and hope. It is uplifting and healing versus depressing and downward spiraling.

Many say there is a planetary awakening going on. We humans have a longing and yearning inside to know something deeper about our infinite selves beyond what academic materialism teaches, or, even scorns upon.

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