Teachings of Dr. David Hawkins

Today’s teachings are all by the late Dr. David Hawkins (1913-2002), a professor whose interests included the philosophy of science, mathematics, economics, childhood science education, and ethics. He was also an administrative assistant at the Manhattan Project’s Los Alamos Laboratory and later one of its official historians. Together with Herbert A. Simon, he discovered and proved the Hawkins–Simon theorem.

Below, please find four videos on different topics featuring Dr. David Hawkins.

#1. THE POWER OF DEVOTION. How to be independent of the world and find true joy.

#2. BECOMING TRULY LOVING. Unconditional love is real love, it is not something that diminishes when the ego feels threatened or something is said or done that doesn’t meet conditions or expectations. Real love is eternal & balanced. It is not an emotional roller-coaster ride of lust, projection, obsession, possession, domination or control. It is a permanent state of being and if practiced authentically, never fades or ends. It is perfect connection with another in energetic harmony. It is revering all that is in the other and everyone on a soul level & accepting that they are a reflection of you & a reflection of ‘God.’



#4. THE BEAUTY OF MUSIC. Dr. Hawkins speaks about the sacredness and perfectness of all life. 

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