An Intuition Expert Who Knows Both Science and Metaphysical

Chinese cards

Because her parents were Chinese, Lisa K has studied Chinese medicine and has witnessed China’s embracing of Western Medicine, only to realize that Qigong is an old wisdom practice which can heal and be preventative. Lisa shares that spirituality and intuition go hand in hand. 

Lisa K is a teacher, author and speaker specializing in intuition. She is the creator of “Developing Your Intuition,” a system that helps people master their intuition so they can draw on it when they want and on what they want to receive detail and clarity from their intuition. Drawing upon her background in psychobiology, engineering and metaphysical sciences, as well as her experience in teaching and performing angel readings for others, she has developed a method for intuition development that is clear, easy to follow. Her public appearances reach people around the world through guest speaking, online media and her popular radio show, “Between Heaven and Earth”. 

Next, is a second interview of Lisa K by Kevin Moore on the Moore Show:


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