Current Prayer

Sunrise on Rock Beach East Coast USA

I pray… 

To feel my divine connection 

To have an open heart 

To clear my chakras 

To allow my heart to guide me 

To experience the Universe inside of me 

To live in each moment fully

To stay centered in the flow 

To remain unattached to the past or future 

To be without judgment 

To radiate love 

To be joyful always

To make this world a better place 

To feel the oneness 

To always be kind

To be compassionate

To offer help when needed

To forgive and to be forgiven

To welcome change

To be pure in thought, word, and deed

To sleep well each night 

To have perfect health 

To remember to ask

To have inner peace.

Yes, most of all

To have inner peace.



Below is an audio of this prayer if you wish to do it often. It is also on my “online meditations” page tab up above.

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