Healing Skills by Laura Quirke

The following half hour talk by Laura Quirke is the most concise and spot on healing information I’ve seen to date. Kudos to Laura Quirke for sharing so freely her knowledge and gifts of healing. Having studied healing and read much about it, and experienced healing, too, in my opinion, those who tap into it are among the highest of light workers as they integrate all aspects of what some refer to as awakening and use their gifts to do good in this world.

From Youtube: It’s all energy… Essential keys to being a Miraculous Healer. Talk by Laura Quirke, Transformational Healer & Guide with Sacred Heart Healing. The more that you heal yourself, the more light you can hold in service to others. Become a conduit of pure source energy that will heal and transform with miraculous results. This energy can be directed to heal on all levels, often immediately. Even people who have struggled from childhood traumas and life-threatening diseases have been healed in a single session.

The last part of the video is a fantastic guided healing meditation by Laura which begins at 21″.

Main points made by Laura Quirke on the state of being required to be a healer:

  • Have no ego, get yourself out of the way
  • Have No Judgment
  • Have no attachment to the outcome
  • Clear your (unconscious) blocks to channeling the infinite energy available 
  • Go into your heart and expand your consciousness
  • Hold a high vibration in the world of love, gratitude, joy, bliss to transform the negatives of anger, grief, shame, sadness
  • The reason it is hard to heal yourself is that you are attached to the emotions and outcome. 
  • A key is intention

Her contact info:



(408) 568-8625

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