Fast Track Stillness: Two Techniques

Nearly every spiritual advisor recommends meditation. The mind must be stilled to connect with our ground of awareness. Modern civilization promotes busyness, which means meditation time may be scarce, or shoved aside for another activity, such as spending time gazing into one's cell phone screen. If you can't meditate for 12 minutes, 20 minutes, or … Continue reading Fast Track Stillness: Two Techniques

Computers as Gods?

From VICE: Mathematicians Are Studying Planet-Sized Quantum Computers With God-Like Powers; New research has exploded the space of problems that quantum computers can efficiently verify, simultaneously knocking down milestone problems in quantum physics and math. Here are a few excerpts from the article: [...]The new result shows that even something like a run-of-the-mill laptop computer could … Continue reading Computers as Gods?

Toltec Wisdom Explained and Summarized

This 47-minute video is full of Toltec wisdom, mentioning most aspects of Toltec shamanic training. It includes how we need to incorporate our bodies into our awareness, walking backwards as unlearning to undo rote memory living, why present awareness is so important for that same reason, that is, overcoming learned thinking, and, why the breath … Continue reading Toltec Wisdom Explained and Summarized